Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting back in the game

Hi all,

am very bad with this blogging and do promise to be better in future, euh almost every time... It's not that things haven't been happening, it's just much easier to trust my thinking to paper. Sorry computer era, really love to sit like yesterday on the mountain and trust my thoughts to paper.

Just an update then.

Peter accepted last year October a job that took him first for 6 months to Finland and now takes him sailing. Lucky bugger, euh the sailing part that is. He will be going to Antarctica this summer, a great item to be taken off the bucket list for him. Remember when I just met him, he was walking around with quite worked out plans to convert an old Russian Icebreaker to a semi-luxury cruise ship where you could book passage on to go to Antarctica. On board there would be marinebiologists to inform the passengers etc. That idea didn't come off the ground, but at least he will get to visit that area of the world now, hurray!

So that leaves me sort of semi-single with Sofie and Louis. Before that he was away frequently on business trips, but not for a few months in one go, so we decided to move off Ataraxia into a house. There was just no way that I could cope on my own with an active toddler and not so active dog on the boat on my own. There are periods in the Marina that there is no power, or no water. As an adult you can always make a plan, but it gets a bit stressy if there is a child involved. I then was still working as well 5 days a week, so not much time during the day to take care of things too.

The good side as well is that because we moved out, it allowed our carpenter to work on the interior, which looks amazing. There are only a few things to be done, but for the rest is the interior finished. The items that need doing, can only be done when we have installed other things, so we decided to leave it for now. He will be finishing the capping on the deck soon and once that is done, we can finish the rest of the railing around the boat.That will as well make a huge difference.

We've worked out a complete list of things that still need to be done. Considering the dreams we have for this boat, we decided to try to sell her to an owner who wants to cruiser around the world with her. In cooperation with that new owner, we would finish her completely. The design is so clever and good looking, we have no doubts that we will be able to find somebody as enthusiastic about her as us. More about our selling plans in another post.

So here I am, in a house and at the moment working freelance. This is an amazing time for me; on the one hand I'm busy with the business, on the other hand, I can sneak out like yesterday to do a hike in the mountains. So both Peter and me are members of the "lucky bugger club".

Blog later,

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