Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to move, almost...

Yeah, when people ask us when we will move onto our boat, our answer now has changed from two months to, we think in a week or two. What a milestone!

Peter put a lot of time and effort in the boat and like now, it is really satisfying that things are coming to an end. Sunday he showed me that he finished with the electrics, both AC and DC and the first thing that he connected and showed me was the clear view spinning away. If he has a moment during this week, he will connect the water pump and we can start buying lights.

All the large painting has been done, the compressor is off the boat and we ordered on Saturday carpets. The cushions for the seat in the pilothouse and the large cushion for the seat in the salon are in our house and we already sleep on our new mattress. This is as well because the existing mattress on the bed is so worn, that we both had difficulty sleeping on it.

We canceled the rent of our apartment per the 1st of December, so we will have to find some storage space before that time. Preferably in Hout Bay if somebody knows something, much appreciated.

There was a moment that Peter might had to go away for a month for his work, but it seems that was false alarm. Imagine that, then it would have been up to me to organize the moving and final finishing... oops.

So, at the moment we spent every weekend working on the boat and the work is getting lighter, since we start to see results. Next time you're on the marina, pop your head in and at least pretend that you see it coming to an end too ;)