Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving up, moving on

With all the weekends where Peter had to work, or we had some other obligations it's not going as quickly or as smoothly as we want to. However, we got some pretty good motivation going; Peter wants to go on a trip to Malawi by train and bus in November, which is fine with me, as long as we will live on the boat by then. As well we sort of told the landlord that they could rent our place out to other people from the 1st of November, so oops.

Peter made a bare minimum list of what we need at least before moving in. Forgot to take this, but at the moment this is:
* working toilet
* running water
* galley ready that at least we can cook and do dishes
* mattress in our cabin
* electricity, so we can have some lights, use the calorifier etc

Things that can be done later:
* railing, so we won't slip off deck, at least at cockpit
* cushions in pilot house and salon
* additional windows in salon
* finishing the lockers
* making 2nd bedroom

Well, that doesn't sound much, but somehow easy things tend to take unexpectedly long, or need something else finished first.

Been bribed to come and help this weekend; we're going to pull wires, but in exchange we will spent the weekend on another boat, so there is less traveling time. It really works motivating to have the use of this boat for staying on, it reminds you again why we loved living on a boat so much.

So, will see you this weekend in the harbour.