Thursday, November 19, 2009

Champagne was opened

It finally happened; we're live aboards again ;) Last weekend we started moving and managed to get most of our stuff packed and stored onto Ataraxia. Had to throw away some clothes and shoes and think that this weekend some of my bags will have to go too when we move the rest of our junk, euh really necessary items.

We found storage in Hout Bay, so Peter wants to go there tomorrow and store some of our boxes there. From a client of Peter we received some steel storage boxes, so we want to use these in that garage.

Of course, the first night we couldn't sleep out of excitement, but the next two nights and last night, we experienced some hectic South Easterly winds. We have found the benefits of a simple thing called: earplugs...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to move, almost...

Yeah, when people ask us when we will move onto our boat, our answer now has changed from two months to, we think in a week or two. What a milestone!

Peter put a lot of time and effort in the boat and like now, it is really satisfying that things are coming to an end. Sunday he showed me that he finished with the electrics, both AC and DC and the first thing that he connected and showed me was the clear view spinning away. If he has a moment during this week, he will connect the water pump and we can start buying lights.

All the large painting has been done, the compressor is off the boat and we ordered on Saturday carpets. The cushions for the seat in the pilothouse and the large cushion for the seat in the salon are in our house and we already sleep on our new mattress. This is as well because the existing mattress on the bed is so worn, that we both had difficulty sleeping on it.

We canceled the rent of our apartment per the 1st of December, so we will have to find some storage space before that time. Preferably in Hout Bay if somebody knows something, much appreciated.

There was a moment that Peter might had to go away for a month for his work, but it seems that was false alarm. Imagine that, then it would have been up to me to organize the moving and final finishing... oops.

So, at the moment we spent every weekend working on the boat and the work is getting lighter, since we start to see results. Next time you're on the marina, pop your head in and at least pretend that you see it coming to an end too ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving up, moving on

With all the weekends where Peter had to work, or we had some other obligations it's not going as quickly or as smoothly as we want to. However, we got some pretty good motivation going; Peter wants to go on a trip to Malawi by train and bus in November, which is fine with me, as long as we will live on the boat by then. As well we sort of told the landlord that they could rent our place out to other people from the 1st of November, so oops.

Peter made a bare minimum list of what we need at least before moving in. Forgot to take this, but at the moment this is:
* working toilet
* running water
* galley ready that at least we can cook and do dishes
* mattress in our cabin
* electricity, so we can have some lights, use the calorifier etc

Things that can be done later:
* railing, so we won't slip off deck, at least at cockpit
* cushions in pilot house and salon
* additional windows in salon
* finishing the lockers
* making 2nd bedroom

Well, that doesn't sound much, but somehow easy things tend to take unexpectedly long, or need something else finished first.

Been bribed to come and help this weekend; we're going to pull wires, but in exchange we will spent the weekend on another boat, so there is less traveling time. It really works motivating to have the use of this boat for staying on, it reminds you again why we loved living on a boat so much.

So, will see you this weekend in the harbour.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yay, a new post

The other day I commented on a friends blog, that he should update it more frequently, but got the ball back. See that it's been a month since we last updated this blog. Even got an email from my mother-in-law, but then, she's having an infection on her leg and needs to sit a lot at the moment. She uses that time to surf on the internet, a truly remarkable lady.

We have hired Colin, a boat builder, to do a number of jobs for us, so the show can get a bit more moving. At the moment when friends ask how is it going with the boat, I ask for the next question. In fact, some days I have the feeling we have been able to do quite a number of things, but most days I just see this long list of things that we still need to do.

There are the odd jobs that I can do, but mostly Peter lets me off the hook. Yes, I'm exploiting the fact that I'm a woman and I bring him a beer or G&T around 5... Hope that no emancipated women are reading this, but lucky we don't live in an age where they were burning their bras!

Haven't canceled the rent for our apartment yet, we still have a bet about the time when we will leave and according to Allan and Eva we will still be there with Christmas. They do speak out of experience; when Allan took their boat out of the water for an at most 6 month job, Gremlin was relaunched about 5 years later and is still not completely recovered...

So, most weekends you can find us on the boat and we hope that soon we can give a final date of when we move in.

Friday, April 24, 2009

slowly, so slowly

pfft, so, the painter found a new job and left us, after only painting the fore cabin, shower and heads, so we still need to do the rest. Peter spent weekends with sanding etc, but this is going slowly.

We just need a small ship with money, then we have the boat ready in approx two months, but now this can take a while, or not if we sell another big boat. Time will tell.

Monday, March 16, 2009

In the harbor

Having her in the water and close to us is making quite a difference. Peter is checking in the morning if our painter Quinten arrived and gives him the orders for the day and checks in the afternoon what progress he made.

In the weekends you see us both on the boat and Louis found already his favorite spots on deck. Been cleaning her inside thoroughly, despite the fact that this week Quinten will sand and paint again. The moment his job is finished and we have the last two windows in, we can seriously think of moving in! Although Eva en Allan still think that we will have another Christmas at their place.

It will be good to be back in the harbor with our friends. Despite the fact that my vegetable patch is coming along nicely; I managed to grow purple chillies (don't ask how they got purple, I thought it was the way they normally grow), living back on the water will be great.

Monday, March 2, 2009

launch drink

the launching of Ataraxia went in our usually chaotic way. We did invite our dragon lady from NSRI to give a speech and name her and some friends passed by. If you've missed this one, we intend to give a large party by the time we will move onto the boat. You will probably have to bring your own food and wine with, but that's concern for later.

Margi gave a brilliant speech, see below for the complete text.

After that she was towed to our mooring, where we will be finishing her off and make her suitable for living on. Hopefully in a few years, or sooner, we can install the engines and take off with her.

Text of the speech from Margi "the dragonlady" Benson:

"since being awarded this honor (note: she is head of the awards committee at the station, so used to giving awards), I have done much "trawling" through the internet.

In pagan days, the naming of the boat was accomplished by draping themselves in olive branches, much beating of breasts and human sacrifice. The Greeks and Phoenicians (becoming more civilized) modified this somewhat, having the vestal virgins cast wine upon the sea, sacrificing a ram or two and invoking the patron saints of sea and navigation.

However as I don't think the authorities will smile on us if we "slag a skaap" on the slipway, and there is no way I can pass for a vestal virgin... I have two gifts for Peter and Nicole (note: we got a packet of lamb chops for on the braai and a picture of a St. Brendans Cross to be placed on board)

The definition of Ataraxia is of Greek origin, meaning perfect peace of mind, tranquility and freedom from worry.... which apparently Peter and Nicole discovered in a bottle of wine! (note: always good to bring Ataraxia wine to us, especially the Chardonnay)

I name this boat Ataraxia, may god bless her and all who sail in her

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moving on up

Another episode is almost concluded and a new episode in the life of our boat is about to begin: tomorrow it will hit the water!

The last few weeks have been quite hectic. At my work we sold quite a large yacht, allowing us to finally pay some debtors and push the progress. Leading to the fact that she will go out of the boatyard tomorrow.

Peter towed her with the car to the exit of the boatyard, yes, our boat is trailerable and today they we're supposed to lift her on the truck. I say supposed to, the crane that arrived was too small to load our boat... Now they come tomorrow morning at 5h00 with a bigger crane. So Peter is about to scream and very tense at the moment. He's been having sleepless nights since two weeks, since all sort of things we wanted to do went wrong.

We ordered the windows last year; gave the templates, or better the cutouts to the windowman, who had to redo them a couple of times, due to delivering them with incorrect thicknesses etc. Two had to be redone due to our fault, since we didn't realise that you can't cut hardened glass, of course, when installing the windows last weekend, nothing fitted. Then you're very happy that we could adjust the boat to the windows.

Oh well, so there are more stories to tell about hiring people who then never show up, or get you to buy material for them and then quit. But tomorrow our baby will move to Hout Bay and then we will have another nerve wrecking session of getting her to the mooring.

Margi, our "mother" at Searescue will give a speech and throw a bottle of bubblies to the yacht. Then it will hopefully not so long any more before we can have a proper party and move back onto the boat!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Resolutions

A bit late, but we wish everybody a healthy and prosperous new year, may there always a hand of water beneath your keel!

This holiday period we used to work more on the boat and we expect to hit the water in March this year. We haven't given up the lease of our apartment yet, but Peter and Ivan are making a lot of progress.

We felt really weird, going through the kitchen shops the other day and then to disappoint the eager salesman with saying that we just needed a kitchen sink and a tap... We bought a great sink at a plumbing shop, now to find a fitting tap. We both like the taps with the large spray heads, but the prices of these are too ridiculous and Peter decided that height-wise it wouldn't fit. So we're now chasing for taps, very homey.

Completely off-topic: at they have awesome led lights for in your tap or shower, who react to the temperature of the water, alas, these can't be fitted on our taps. Would have been a nice effect though, especially during the night. Too bad I discovered this site only after Christmas.

So, here we are, Peter bought anti-fouling and will start doing that one of these days, I've sold a boat, so we can pay for it and hopefully my next post I will place some pictures of her.