Thursday, July 26, 2012

Website boat

Today I had an appointment with two great guys, who are going to help me develop a proper website for our boats. At the moment the plan is to do two sites, the one from Ataraxia and the other site is for the commercial side of the school; Whisperboats Pty.

The main goal of both sites is the same: sell a boat. So what sort of info is necessary if you look online at a boat; what tickles you to write that mail, or pick up the phone to go and start looking at it?

We came up with a plan of action to assist me with my goal.

Our plan of action for the sites will be the following:

- they will make a basic setup for me for the two sites; allowing me playroom to still mess around with templates, so I can create the look and feel I want for the two sites.
- there will be a short introductory course into Wordpress for me. Been trying now for a while to setup these sites on my own, but sitting down with somebody who knows the programme and can inform you about the basic ins and outs, still works better for me than watching any video.

Now I need to inventarise what I need and want to put into the websites. Although the products are different, one is a 49' offshore power boat, other is for a series of rowing boats, the information that people need on the websites is kind of the same. Personally, what I am looking at when browsing for my dreamboat, yeah that never stops, is the following information:
- basic technical information
- pictures, lots of and quick to see, so no big files to download
- capacities; what will the boat do, where is she built for
- how good it will make you feel if you are the owner of it!

The home page must consist of enough basic information, that is easy to read in a moment. It must tickle me, the site must be easy to navigate. So if I want to see pictures, there must be either already a slideshow, or a gallery I can browse into. After my visual satisfaction, yes as a woman I'm quite visually orientated, will read the technical details later. I know my husband will want to read the technical details first, preferably including some nice graphs etc. So must make a note that I have to ask the designer for some additional drawings and graphs.

For me as well will be a goal to keep pages short. Rather have an extra page, than having to scroll all the way up and down with long lines of text. That is one of the reasons I chose to go for Wordpress, rather than Blogger. With my last update of the design of this site, was quite successfull in updating the length of the homepage, but see too many blogs with the whole article on it.

Hmm, this might be the start of a new careeropportunity, you never know.

Will keep you informed,

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David Traver Adolphus said...

Glad you're back in the game, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.