Friday, November 21, 2008

much needed update

Ok, I've been scarce with blogging, but my mind was completely elsewhere. In July my sister came down for two weeks with my niece and nephew, so I went a week off with them to show them a bit around South Africa. They loved it, despite the rain and cold.

Since July I've been working hard, trying to sell some boats, so we can finish our boat quicker.

Ataraxia moved from Strand to Paardeneiland, where mainly Peter works on her regularly. The hull is painted and they will start with the decks soon, which is now finished with sanding and smoothing. Peter is organising the inside; we have a carpenter working for us to make lockers, drawers etc. Peter did most of the painting inside, that stuff is just vicious and I don't know how he can do that.

Am feeling guilty, mainly my weekends are spent hiking or running in the mountains, while Peter is doing most of the work, but I really need my weekends to get some rest. At the moment since October I've been working regularly the weekends too, but as it looks like, things are coming together.

In December we will slow down, since we're going away together for a week and after that, have a big party in the Eastern Cape. The son of my friend Tabisa has been in the bush, so we're going there to celebrate his safe return and his crossing into manhood! There will be lots of meat and alcohol, so we'll probably need Christmas to recover. Oh wait, then a friend from The Netherlands is here, who will take us out for more food and wine....

At the moment I'm on a strict diet, since I'm suffering from Candida. This means no wheat, yeast, sugar, alcohol, mushrooms etc... Have already lost 4 kg's and am losing more at the moment. I combine this with a Bi-com resonance therapy, so I only felt sick the first week.

The major change is getting out of the rythm of having a glass of wine in the evening, have my ups and downs, but will get there.

Hopefully I will write something before our holiday again, Cheers.