Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello Blogging world again...

Hi all,

oops, it was in 2009 since I last wrote about our boat and building it. I must admit, in the mean time our new crew member Sofie arrived and she's quite a handful. But, it is nice to be able to report some progress.

What have we added since we moved in; there is quite a list of lots of small and some bigger jobs that are done. Some you can't see, but seem to take forever, others there is instant result. We had two portholes in the hull added and this is such a success, that we're quite eager to have 3 more. This changes the whole salon, instead of a dark place, it still is a dark place, but more natural light is able to come in.

We painted, oh sorry, we had the inside of the pilothouse painted, the colors are in hindsight not that great, but we want to veneer it anyway and in the mean time it looks quite colorful.

Of course, Sofie's room had to be finished and although Peter reports that it is finished, I must admit that I haven't put her to bed there. It seems that every time I have an excuse for it, like there is so much mess on the bed that she has to sleep in her campcot, but as well to be honest, she sleeps nicely 50/50 in the pilothouse/ campcot and our bed, so would hate to move her. But I promised Peter, I will look for an extra light in her room, or have the ceiling repainted, so I can start using it for more than changing her there. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Oh, a new feature is that Peter started to put wood on the sides of the salon, which gives a great effect. It transforms it with a warm glow.

Yup the boat is very cosy; we still need to finish quite a list, but, babe, give me engines and we're ready to go. Especially now that Sofie is still small enough not to have to go to school, it will be such a big adventure for all of us ;)

I will post some pictures soon,

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Miq-Tak said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to the pics.