Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ataraxia for sale; setting up the basic sale strategy.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Peter and me decided to sell Ataraxia our boat. So in the coming period, will have a lot to blog about yachtbrokers, yes I am one too, potential buyers and ideas of what is the best sales strategy in these times.

After all, at the moment she is not ready to go, why should anybody even be interested to see her?

Yes, she is not finished, but it is a matter of approx 6 months to finish her completely. We want to sell her finished to a new owner, so he, or she, doesn't need to take over a project, but rather can participate in this and get a finished yacht. I must be honest; our main reason is that we lack the necessary funds to finish her, but always build her with the plan of selling her and make more in the back of our minds.

We still are 1000% behind the whole design and outfitting of the yacht. Am so sure that she will have great seagoing capacities, but as well will be able to cruise in the French Canals, a long dream of mine. It would be great if the new owner would be willing to do a few boatshows with her in America; take her to a place like Trawlerfest, where she can be compared with other trawlers. There is a big market for this design, not only in the States, as well in Europe.

If you come from a sailing background, you will appreciate the cockpit setup on the top, the wheelhouse and the salon in the aft. With the amount of portholes and windows, she is light, but you don't have the feeling that with waves the windows will break. The galley is set up that even with a slight roll, you're still able to cook in safety and with the seaberths in the wheelhouse and salon, during passages you can sleep and still be able to be close by when needed. Our thinking has always been that we would sail her just the two of us.

So, now the hard work will start to get her noticed and out there. Next week I will start with the basics and go to clean her up nicely, since the carpenters won't be working in the interior anymore and restore it to it's normal state. So we will have the carpets back in, cushions on the seating etc. Will place some pictures on the blog, so you can see once we're finished.

To draw the attention, you have to have nice pictures of your yacht and made in a way, that people can visualise how it would look. As well I worked out the specifications, so a yachtbroker interested in listing her, doesn't have too much work to work out the listing.

Due to our location, I will try to get her listed with some of my contacts in Europe and the US. Despite the economic crisis, I start getting more and more positive mails from other brokers there, so it's really worth, especially for this type of yacht, not to confine ourselves to our region.

No more blogging now, need to start mailing the information out. Will keep you informed.

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