Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Wow, visited the yard today and you see it progressing with every visit. They have laminated extra stringers in on the floor and all the standing parts of the interior are being busy laminated in.

they had to make adjustments to the height of the kitchen worktops, I know, no comments please and we discussed the layout of the kitchen. The builders have a number of problems issues they desperately need the advice of Tad for, like the wood capping on the deck, but the work is going quick.

The hull will be finely sanded one last time before they will put the top coat on, but that will be done as one of the last things. Up to us is now to put in some more money, get the fuel tanks ready, get the hardened glass and paint ordered and chase up Tad for solutions. Well, sounds easy enough.

Cheers, Nix


Will said...

A good option for worktops at the moment is acrylic... Maia worktops especially, they come ready made and just need slotting in! For more info have a look at Styled Kitchens who stock them. There's a bunch of different brands on there aswell...

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