Friday, February 8, 2008

things I've never thought of

Ok, did I mention that this boat building thing is really like another dimension? It seemed like it took forever to do the hull (hmm wait, it did take forever!) but now the builders are going for a medal in the sprint races.

Peter was at the yard yesterday and they've been busy with epoxy etc on the inside and reinforcing the bulkheads. As well they want to start next week on the stringers for the floor and the two further interior bulkheads that need to be placed. We're worried about the hours and the cost, but hey, that feeling is not new anymore.

We agreed with the builder that we want him to do the bulkheads, stringers, tanks and floors and then close the boat. We really want to avoid having a nice interior, but no funds to pay for the glass to close up. I'd rather then camp a bit primitive for the first few months. Besides, the moment we can stop renting a house, we can already spent that money on things for the boat.

There is no doubt in my mind that people who will see how we are going to live, will declare us insane on the spot. But in a way it does make sense: we wanted to place a new product on the market here, had not enough funds to buy a second hand boat of our choice and the moment we saw the design, felt that this was the sort of boat we wanted. I still have my negative moments, but now that we've come this far, it all seems more worth the trouble.

At least it is a nice feeling that when we come on the yacht club, we can show pictures of a boat and the progress they've been making.


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