Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year Spring clean

yip, suddenly this blog is very empty: I decided to delete all the negative muck and blahblah from the old blog and start afresh.

Since the beginning I had to face the fact that building a boat is a complete different story than selling or buying a used, or new ready built yacht. In our case the thing is as well that nobody else has built a yacht like this before. I must admit, most of the time I have no clue as what is going on and why something is so important. People I ask explain it a lot in a way like I should have known. Hellooo, no guys, my interests as a woman are in an entirely different category. Suddenly I have to face the consequences of a lamination schedule, heard of it and got the basics and just as I think, aha, something else is happening. And when I start to talk about a subject I think I can talk about, they say that that is still far away, oops. Yes, unusual enough for me, I feel ignorant. Add to this the stress of my very busy work and you have the perfect recipe for doom, oh and a boss, who pays me, but only small amounts at a time adds greatly to the stress as well.

I had to agree with the fact that, in our case, building a new yacht, unfinished, in stead of buying an old second hand, could be just within our budget and we would be better of, since this design has all the things we find important. Peter was more into the technical and I liked the queen-size bed idea, large open galley, pilothouse and extra salon in the aft. Yes, especially since we won't go cruising shortly, but living on her, I long to sit in the pilothouse with a cup of coffee and see the South Easter howling around me... We lived on a sailing yacht for 5 years and were always in the cellar. With the winds in the Summer here in Cape Town, it is very frustrating if the sun shines and you can't sit outside, or look outside. Going cruising is still a far, very far plan.

Anyway, this is the new year clean, before Christmas we had a good meeting with the builders and we try to get all our noses pointing in the same direction, thank you Piet for your patience. We will have to avoid to start accusing one another and instead work together on the project. In December everybody was thoroughly frustrated and disappointed with the lack of progress and the holidays were a good break for all of us.

Peter went to see them this morning and hope to see the pictures this evening of our baby. According to the builders, they should be able to turn the hull the end of next week! When that job is done and she's in a cradle, we then have to decide the places for the interior layout, I understood. In this stage it is still very difficult for me to realize what is going on, so I hope that this will improve if we make more progress.

Happy new year everyone, please sent us instead of good wishes one, or more of the following items: s.s. screws, bolts, cables, batteries, calorifier, matrass, cushions, paint etc. We can sent you the whole list upon request ;)

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