Monday, January 21, 2008

Decisions, decisions

OK, I managed to solve today a long outstanding issue at work: so our budget is now from nil to existing. It will still not allow us to finish the yacht completely, but at least it should allow us to live in it and work on it in the next few years. Now only to sell a few more boats, then it can go quickly.

Hope to drop in at the yard on Wednesday, together with David, after another meeting in that area. It will be nice if he gets interested as well, financially seen, so that I can actively market the yacht through him. Will have to wait with marketing until there is more that can be shown and further agreements are made between Tad, the builders and me.

Been looking at colourschemes the whole weekend; it is so hard to imagine how a yacht should look like, but ok, it is a fun thing to do as well.

Am busy getting quotations for items ranging from a matrass, fenders untill portholes and a sink.
Hope to see most of you at the club this Thursday and watch out for me if you're on Chappies at 6 in the morning, you will probably see me cycling past, since this is my new training ground for my Argus Challenge.

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