Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ever since Peter changed careers, I've been going through quite some changes as well. He accepted October last year a job that took him first overseas for 6 months and now he is sailing on a fantastic new vessel, but that takes him away regularly for long periods. For both of us this has been a journey and last night, it made me aware how much of a journey it is and how easy it is to become strangers with each other.

How easy it is to make assumptions about the other and despite staying in touch over Skype, communication is only 100% when you can see each other.

We've been talking about our plans for "Ataraxia". We want to sell her, but it is a bit of a bittersweet thing to do. We always hoped that more people would see the brilliance of the design and thought when we finish her we could make more people enthusiastic about the whole idea behind her. We would have loved to reach Brasil on her and really hope that any buyer we find, will be as loving of her as us and will want to work with us to finish her. It was really warming for me to find out that like me, he too hasn't given up on our dream to become cruisers. How stupid actually that you start assuming things.

Feel a bit reflective today. I must take a lot of blame for not succeeding totally with the project. Although I did warn Peter when we started building that I felt already out of my comfort zone, it is no excuse that I did not do the things he asked me to do. How come I've been quite successfull with working for a distributor of sailing and later power yachts, where I placed the orders with the yard, followed up etc, but have a hard time following up with the builder or carpenter about lockers etc. Even when I worked for a shipyard, had no trouble giving the guys a call frequently, but when it comes down to my own boat...

When Peter and I met, we quite soon bought a sailing yacht together. It was not an ideal yacht for everything our Trisbal 42, but it was our boat. Still am sorry that we've sold it, although the owners take good care of her. Building a boat has learned me to understand that I really have trouble thinking so many steps ahead. Is it bad? Hmm, if you're not aware of it, it can be. 

Last night I found that like me, he too wants a 38-40' sailing yacht to still make our dream happen of cruising. When looking at possibly a new boat once we sold our current one, we both have a strong opinion of what we would like and talking about the future like that, has given me quite an incentive to go for it.

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