Monday, March 2, 2009

launch drink

the launching of Ataraxia went in our usually chaotic way. We did invite our dragon lady from NSRI to give a speech and name her and some friends passed by. If you've missed this one, we intend to give a large party by the time we will move onto the boat. You will probably have to bring your own food and wine with, but that's concern for later.

Margi gave a brilliant speech, see below for the complete text.

After that she was towed to our mooring, where we will be finishing her off and make her suitable for living on. Hopefully in a few years, or sooner, we can install the engines and take off with her.

Text of the speech from Margi "the dragonlady" Benson:

"since being awarded this honor (note: she is head of the awards committee at the station, so used to giving awards), I have done much "trawling" through the internet.

In pagan days, the naming of the boat was accomplished by draping themselves in olive branches, much beating of breasts and human sacrifice. The Greeks and Phoenicians (becoming more civilized) modified this somewhat, having the vestal virgins cast wine upon the sea, sacrificing a ram or two and invoking the patron saints of sea and navigation.

However as I don't think the authorities will smile on us if we "slag a skaap" on the slipway, and there is no way I can pass for a vestal virgin... I have two gifts for Peter and Nicole (note: we got a packet of lamb chops for on the braai and a picture of a St. Brendans Cross to be placed on board)

The definition of Ataraxia is of Greek origin, meaning perfect peace of mind, tranquility and freedom from worry.... which apparently Peter and Nicole discovered in a bottle of wine! (note: always good to bring Ataraxia wine to us, especially the Chardonnay)

I name this boat Ataraxia, may god bless her and all who sail in her

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valeureuxliegois said...

Congratulation for the launching of Ataraxia.
If you intend to sail on the Clyde River you are warmly invited to spend a few days with us in our new place in Glasgow... Food and drink will be for free!!!

Philippe & Marie-Helene