Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Resolutions

A bit late, but we wish everybody a healthy and prosperous new year, may there always a hand of water beneath your keel!

This holiday period we used to work more on the boat and we expect to hit the water in March this year. We haven't given up the lease of our apartment yet, but Peter and Ivan are making a lot of progress.

We felt really weird, going through the kitchen shops the other day and then to disappoint the eager salesman with saying that we just needed a kitchen sink and a tap... We bought a great sink at a plumbing shop, now to find a fitting tap. We both like the taps with the large spray heads, but the prices of these are too ridiculous and Peter decided that height-wise it wouldn't fit. So we're now chasing for taps, very homey.

Completely off-topic: at they have awesome led lights for in your tap or shower, who react to the temperature of the water, alas, these can't be fitted on our taps. Would have been a nice effect though, especially during the night. Too bad I discovered this site only after Christmas.

So, here we are, Peter bought anti-fouling and will start doing that one of these days, I've sold a boat, so we can pay for it and hopefully my next post I will place some pictures of her.

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